Olivia Marchand

There were so many gatherings for Olivia after she went to heaven. She had so many loving people in her life people couldn’t seem to have enough moments to share how much she meant to them and how much she touched their lives.

There was a service at St. Catherine’s church in Westford, Westford Academy the following week, Oceanwood Camp a few weeks after that. At each of the services we learned what a caring, loving person Liv was. She made time for everyone, I couldn’t help thinking how could one person fit so much into a life that was so short. I realize now that she really lived each moment of her life to the fullest. She embraced everything and everyone with the deepest enthusiasm.

I also realize all of that beauty, personality and charm she shared with all of us came from her mother Jody. She was the best mother you can possibly imagine. They went everywhere together. I think Olivia was exactly like her both so full of energy and ready to go anywhere at the drop of a hat and willing to try anything new. They were so much fun to be with whether hanging out at their cottage, spending time at the beach, shopping, exercising, going out to dinner or enjoying their delicious home cooked meals at the holidays, birthdays or just because. At the same time they were both incredibly hard workers, self-disciplined, determined but pleasant, loyal to friends and family and kind hearted. I think I can count on one hand how many times I’ve heard either of them complain. Both just have that hop to it attitude which makes you want to be a hipper, cooler, better person. My mother reminded me the other day that while they were like girlfriends Jody managed that fine line as a friend and a mother providing rules and expectations that a mother needs to set. As a result of that love, nurturing and guidance Olivia excelled at everything; school, sports, baking, cooking, being a thoughtful friend, and a loving family member. There is no mother that could have been prouder and loved her child more.

Nicole Kibblehouse, shared her love and joy of her best friend at the service at St. Catherine’s as well as at Westford Academy. In these words you’ll learn more about Olivia but also a lesson on being a real, true friend.

St. Catherine’s Church, Westford, MA, February 2010

Westford Academy, Westford, MA, February 2010, Liv is The Sister I Never Had

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