St. Catherine’s Church, Westford, MA, February 2010

For those of you who don’t know me, I’m Livy’s best friend. I know that none of you were probably as close to her as I was before she died, and that’s why I’m standing here this morning. I don’t want you to remember her as the picture you see in the newspaper or on the news everyday, I want you to remember her as if she was your best friend. I want you to know the little things that should never be forgotten.

Liv is the most understanding person I’ve ever met and the best listener by far. I can ramble on and on all day about the most random and uneventful stories, and she will still ask me questions and laugh. She’s dependable. I can text or call her at any time and she will always answer. The only time she lets me down is if she hangs out with someone else besides me.

Liv loves chocolate, out of the two key chains she has, one is a Godiva membership and she always gets excited about her free truffle every month. She loves to pick wild flowers from wherever we are and put them all over her car. She’ll leave the flowers there even when they become dry and shriveled, they’re still all over her car. She never wears makeup.

Liv loves to be barefoot and go to the beach. When she gets angry she likes to pick me up to drive around so we can listen to hardcore screamo music and pretend we know the words and yell along with it. When she tries to sing along to songs, she can never get the lyrics right but likes to pretend she knows them and just makes up words that sound similar or she’ll slowly trail off and just hum off key. When she laughs really hard she tears up and her cheeks hurt. She can go to Kimballs and eat a large onion ring order herself with the usual barbeque sauce.

Livy’s favorite color is purple and she loves the summer. Being outside is just a part of her; she’s not one to stay inside for long periods of time. She can finish a hemp necklace in 10 minutes. Liv is never fake, and you never know what you are going to get. She loves to cook, and knows all the fancy names for every cheese and tries to teach me but I can never seem to taste any difference.

She loves to be with other people but also loves to read by herself outside just laying in the grass. She loves bonfires, summer or winter. Liv loves to climb mountains and go camping, no matter what the weather is like. She likes to do her homework in the library with me because otherwise we end up getting distracted.

There are so many different things I could tell you about Liv, but there are things you listed too. Let’s start with the fact that Liv loved life.

You said, Liv was lover, believer, independent, an eater, party animal, nature freak, friend, genius, helper, reader, shoulder to cry on, always smiling, gardener, baker, daughter, comic, cutie, crush, joker, kidder, loved one, goddess, savior, outgoing, individualistic, sincere, kind, optimistic, caring, real, hot, fun, silly, free, down to earth, successful, innocent, alive, generous, selfless, true, loved, deserving, missed, and remembered.

Liv loves her life and her family and is perfectly happy. You may never experience her physical being again but I just want you to know that she says she’s still here. She’s part of everything you do and she says that she’s had enough tears and wants you to get up and do everything you want and live your life.

She’s there for you like she is always there for me, don’t forget. Live for Liv.

Westford Academy, Westford, MA, February 2010, Live is The Sister I Never Had

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