Olivia’s Dreams Made Real

In her essays for college Olivia wrote some of her dreams and who she wanted to be which her guidance counselor read aloud at a memorial service at Westford Academy. These included; building a seasonal garden, spending time in untouched nature and cherish it along with hiking, camping and fishing, and continue to be true to herself. She planned to major in environmental science or plant biology because she was fascinated by the sciences and was a true nature lover.

Building Gardens

Nicole Kibblehouse started a memorial garden, “Liv’s Garden”, at Westford Academy. It has a mosaic sun which she made while traveling in Spain after Olivia passed away, a water fountain with a glass orb, many trees, shrubs and colorful flowers. She hopes to expand with edibles soon.

Community Network

Walter Toney, a.k.a. Pa, Olivia’s grandfather joined the Westford Coalition for Non-Violence. This is a community plan to reduce domestic violence in the Town of Westford their mantra – Westford is a Peaceable Community. Contact Sandy Collins, RN, Health Department, 978-692-5509, scollins@westfordma.gov, or Jodi Ross, Town Manager, 978-692-5501, jross@westfordma.gov.

Create Peace By Being Peace

Practice loving kindness, do yoga, volunteer, grow vegetables, walk in nature, have a pet, write or tell those you love how much you care.